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Hi, Welcome to My Portfolio.

My Words, My Images

My interest in design stems from my desire to tell stories. With a background in print journalism, I have mastered methods of telling stories with words. Now I'm exploring the art of storytelling through visuals. I believe a message is more effectively conveyed if the delivery mechanism is visually appealing. My ultimate goal is to marry my gift for words with my gift for visuals. My unique mix of skills will prove valuable for media companies adapting to the digital age.

On this site you'll see samples of my work in a variety of media. My articles and academic papers indicate my strong traditional media skills in writing and copy editing while my image samples demonstrate my proficiency in software applications such as Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator and InDesign. I have also demonstrated my skills in HTML, CSS, and basic web programming through my web design samples. As I hope to demonstrate with this site, my versatility is my greatest strength.

Favorite Projects

In a hurry? Here are three of my favorite projects featured on this site. The first is a tourism brochure for a fictional travel agency. The second is a short documentary I made on my vacation to Jamaica. The third is a whimsical website I designed for a fictional bar. This is just a small sample, though, so feel free to stay a while.

New Zealand brochure

New Zealand travel brochure

Jamaica video

Jamaica documentary

The Sloppy Snowman

The Sloppy Snowman website