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I took several video-related classes at Tulane University, and they were some of my favorite classes ever! I learned the basics of 2D animation, video editing, special effects and even a tiny bit of 3D modeling. I hope to work with video more in the future because it is SO FUN.

My Mini Documentary

Here is my mini documentary, a final project for my video editing class at Tulane University. All video footage was captured using an iPhone 6s and was edited in Final Cut Pro.

My Flash Cartoon

Here is my final project for my 2D animation class at Tulane University. The images were created entirely by me in Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Illustrator, and the animation was created in Adobe Flash. Although Flash has been falling out of use in recent years, I still found this class project valuable. It taught me the fundamentals of animation techniques, and these techniques can be carried over into more relevant programs such as Adobe After Effects.

A Short Film About the Importance of Tipping

Here is my final project for my special effects videography class at Tulane University. I used Adobe After Effects and Final Cut Pro to complete this assignment.

A Puppet Dance Party

Here is my final project for my 3D animation class at Tulane University. Programs used include Poser Pro 2012, Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Illustrator.