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Web Design

Below are web designs I completed for school projects—and most recently—for my job. Click on the screenshot to visit the website.

MasteryPrep WorkKeys Boot Camp Site

WorkKeys Boot Camp screenshot

Description: This is my most recent web project and the first major web project I completed for my current job. This is a fully responsive marketing site for MasteryPrep's new product, WorkKeys Boot Camp.

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Slick's Auto Body WordPress Business Site

Slick's Auto Body screenshot

Description: This is a fully responsive WordPress site for a fictional auto repair business called Slick's Auto Body. It was the final project for my web interactivity class in December 2016. My professor must have liked it a lot because he recommended that it be featured in the University of Florida's Web Design Student Showcase, which was a great honor for me.

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Wedding Blog WordPress Template

Wedding Blog screenshot

Description: This is a custom WordPress template, which was a project for my web interactivity class. This project helped expose me to the inner-workings of WordPress, and it taught me how to build a template from scratch.

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Pizza Planet

Pizza Planet screenshot

Description: Based on the fictional restaurant from the movie Toy Story, this website was my first fully responsive site. It was built as the final project in my advanced web 2 class, and it features JavaScript-powered animated menus.

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KaraokeCat screenshot

Description: This whimsical page is a fictional review site for a cartoon cat who frequents karaoke bars. This silly site was the final project of my advanced web design class, and it features some of my earliest implementations of JQuery plugins. While it's not a professional business site, I believe this project reflects the playful side of my creativity.

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The Sloppy Snowman Boozy Snowball Bar

Sloppy Snowman screenshot

Description: I created this fictional business page for my University of Florida web principles class in the summer of 2015. The fictional business is a bar that serves alcoholic frozen beverages ("boozy snowballs"). The site includes a whimsical logo, custom social icons and other graphics created in Adobe Illustrator, a JQuery-powered animated snowfall background (on the splash page) and horizontal scrolling photo banners (on the drinks and eats pages).

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FairWare Equipment Rentals

Fairware screenshot

Description: Here is another fictional business website I created for my UF web principles class. The fictional business is an amusement park equipment rental company. I created the logo in Adobe Illustrator, and the rest of the site was designed via HTML and CSS.

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Elaine Broussard's Portfolio Version 2.0

Portfolio 2.0 screenshot

Description: Here is the second design for my portfolio site, which was replaced by the version you are visiting now. It was created in the fall of 2016 for my web principles class. Some of the content on this site is outdated, but I decided to preserve it in this form to demonstrate my evolving design skills.

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Elaine Broussard's Portfolio Version 1.0

Portfolio 1.0 screenshot

Description: Here is the original design for my portfolio site, which was replaced by the second version above. It was created in the spring of 2014 for my digital portfolio class at Tulane University. Despite the outdated content, and lack of responsiveness, I'm still proud of the concept.

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